Affilella sharpener for knives and scissors


Automatic sharpener for knives and scissors

Automatic sharpener

The sharpener for kitchen knives Affilella is a grinding machine for professional kitchen knives and scissors. It has two helicoidal wheels coated with CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) for sharpening cooking and domestic knives, a ceramic grinding wheel for sharpening scissors and a laminated buffing wheel for polishing the bevel of knives and scissors.

MVM proposes to those interested, a project aimed to deliver the machine together with a technical training course at our office.

This course will allow the buyer to be operational within hours. We also offer, upon request, a contract that guarantees a yearly revision of the machine (excluding spare parts and material wear), phone service, free repairs at our facility in case of machine malfunctions.

Motor power 0.18 kW
Voltage 220V 1 phase / 50Hz
Diameter wheels for knives Ø 120 mm
Diameter wheels for Scissors Ø 110 mm
Honing wheels diameter Ø 110 mm
Knife cutting edge angle 30°
Scissors edge angle 45°
Weight 50 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 370x290x270 mm
Accessories Dust suction

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Application for the professional sharpener Affilella

sharpening knives
The CBN grinding wheels for sharpening kitchen knives are Ø120 mm and helicoidal so they overlap with each other forming a fixed angle of 30°.

The CBN coating enables dry machining without overheating problems and ensures an excellent finish by simply drawing the blade through the groove over the two grinding wheels.
Affilella - details sharpening scissors
The grinding wheel for sharpening scissors is ceramic and Ø110 mm.

The angle reference in aluminium is 45° and facilitates proper scissor sharpening simply by placing the scissor blade against the back of the blade reference angle stop and sliding the edge of the scissors over the wheel.
Affilella - dettaglio affilatura coltello
The laminated buffing wheel to polish the bevel of cooking knives and scissors is a non-woven Ø110 mm wheel that is soft and flexible, allowing easy buffing of knives and scissors.
The Affilella operates silently and is very stable and vibration free.