Affilella knife and scissor sharpener Professional sharpener robust and reliable

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The sharpener for kitchen knives Affilella is a grinding machine for professional kitchen knives and scissors.

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Automatic professional sharpener for knives and scissors

  • New domestic knife grinding service
    This domestic knife sharpening machine for the simplicity of its use and the speed of the sharpening performance, allows the craftsman to deliver a sharpening service at low prices.
  • Hardware shops
    This machine hardware, attractively constructed, can be used as an important extra service for the Hardware shops owners.
  • Shoe repair shops
    When it comes to shoe repair and key cutting shops our domestic knife grinding machine is an additional service that can be easily added and generate a significant return.
  • Butchers, delicatessen and gastronomy
    With the Affilella to hand there's no need to use the services of external grinding shops thereby saving time and money.
  • Affilella product is also suitable for sharpening knives used in cooking Japanese Noodle and Sushi (soba-kiri, udon-kiri, sushi-kiri).

Affilella Junior

The economic professional sharpening machine for kitchen knives and scissors

Affilella Wet

Water professional sharpener

Affilella S

The new professional sharpener for hairdressers scissors and clipper cutting heads

Affilatoio DRY

Professional sharpener for kitchen knives

LA 300 Junior

Bench grinding machine, economic, small and easy to use


A new project to offer the sharpening service in your store!

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sharpener for kitchen knives

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The new multipurpose sharpening machine for knives and scissors