Affilella Junior sharpening blades of scissors and knives

Affilella Junior

The economic professional sharpening machine for kitchen knives and scissors

Affilella Junior details

To complete the range of sharpening machines for kitchen knives and scissors, MVM has introduced Affilella Junior, a low cost but professional and compact grinding machine, for sharpening all types of kitchen and domestic knives (regardless of size of knife and bevel angle) and scissors.

The CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) coated super-abrasive grinding wheel is very suited to sharpening knives and scissors and provides an excellent finish without overheating of the blade, as only a few passes across the grinding wheel are needed to sharpen blades.

The stainless steel reference blocks (located on both sides) ensure the sharpening procedure is easy and precise, and also affords the possibility to supply varying blocks with other grinding angles.

MVM also offer, upon request, an annual service support contract that provides an annual review of the machine (excluding wear parts and materials), as well as free phone support and repairs at our facility if needed.

Affilella Junior is also suitable for sharpening knives used in cooking Japanese Noodle and Sushi (soba-kiri, udon-kiri, sushi-kiri).

Motor power 0.18 kW
Voltage 220V
Diameter of CBN wheel Ø 150 mm
Knife bevel angles 15° + 15°
Scissor bevel angle 50°
Weight 13.5 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 320x230x210 mm

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Application of economic professional sharpening machine Affilella Junior

Affilella Junior - Application
The grinding wheel for sharpening knives is CBN coated with a diameter of 140 mm and allows dry machining without overheating of the blade. Affilella Junior ensures an excellent finish simply by sliding the blade between the grinding wheel and the angled reference block a couple of times.

It is also suitable for all types of kitchen and domestic knife sharpening and scissors regardless of size.
Affilella Junior - sharpening machine
The angled reference blocks are stainless steel and are available in varying angles. They facilitate fast, easy and precise sharpening by simply leaning the knife against the block and sliding it through the groove while in contact with the grinding wheel.