A new project to offer the sharpening service in your store!

Affilservice unità mobile

What is Affilservice about?

MVM offers a unique package that includes products and services, designed for those who want to include the sharpening service in their store, by creating a dedicated space to show to the customer the various processing steps.

Products included:

  • Affilella and Affilatoio Dry
  • Wired banquet with Affilella graphics
  • Affilella suction blower
  • Marketing package (window sticker, Authorized centre Photo frame and customized flyers)
  • Affilella bib apron

Services included

  • Telephone assistance with qualified technicians
  • Warranty
  • Transport and packaging included in the price

Product target:

  • Hardware
  • Household
  • Multiservice
  • Keys duplication
  • Grinders

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