Affilella S

Affilella S

The new professional sharpener for hairdressers scissors and clipper cutting heads.

sharpener for hairdressers scissors and clipper cutting heads

Affilella S is the new sharpening machine for hairdressing scissors and cutting heads for electric and manual clippers.

Convenient, fast and safe.

Easy to use and very versatile, it will allow you to save on the sharpening of your work tools.

Affilella S consists of a painted steel body, which contains the electrical and mechanical transmission unit for an aluminium upper rotating circular table.

The rotating table is coated with an adhesive circular cloth which is then impregnated with diamond abrasive paste for the resharpening of the scissors, or with an adhesive circular abrasive cloth for the resharpening of cutting heads. The coatings are interchangeable and can also be purchased as spare parts.

The angled scissor blade guide supplied has a sharpening angle of 40°, but other angles are available upon request.

The cutter head holding system is an optional accessory upon request not included in the standard Affilella S machine accessories.

Motor power 0.06 kW
Voltage 220V
Rotating table diameter Ø 200 mm
Rotating table speed 660 rpm
Scissors angle 40°
Weight 22 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 370x280x320 mm

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